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Ming Sha Shan #5
9 February 2009

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19 April 2010

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Uki #9
30 November 2010

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Lake Nakuru #2
2 August 2010

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Lake Nakuru #1
31 July 2010

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Aden Scenic Area #8
19 February 2010

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Inagi #8
2 February 2010

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Peninsula in 1919 #12
3 December 2009

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Peninsula in 1919 #10
1 December 2009

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5 August 2009

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Shanghai Texture #5
17 March 2009

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28 May 2008

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Wall #2
11 May 2008

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4 April 2008

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Orchid#4 - Imagine
24 March 2008

Recent Comments

wcamille (Wallace) on Uki #9
Nice portrait!!

Focales on Uki #9
Where are you Vincent? Have you another site? I liked very much your photos... I hope see you soon Marie

Patrick M. on Uki #9
beautiful portrait !very graceful!

Riccardo on Zang #3
Well composed!!!

Riccardo on Zang #6
Well framed!! Cute boy!!

Riccardo on Spring
Excellent shot!!

Riccardo on Spring #2
Great eyes!!!

Riccardo on Spring #3
Nice girl!! Nice portrait!!

Riccardo on Spring #4
Yes this shot gives us the sense of spring!!

Riccardo on Uki #9
Great portrait!!

d.apskos on Uki #9
Excellent portrait

anooshiravan on Zang #4
its perfect

anooshiravan on Zang #6
i like it too much

Marie LC on Uki #9
Happy new year 2012 Vincent

Jerry on Spring #2
Very difficult to understand why so few comments on this beautiful photo. I think this is very lovely, the tight ...

Jerry on Spring
Really like this, beautiful colors and woman.

Mel on Spring #5
This is nice and clear! what lens did you use to shoot this?

Dexter Chee on Uki #9
Beautiful! Good control in lighting. The girl is pretty too.

ocorti on Uki #9
superbe !

Joan Felix on Uki #9
lovely Pic

Marie LC on Uki #9
Juste pour te souhaiter une très belle année 2011 Vincent.

Tracy on Uki #9
This is SO beautiful! The light is wonderful!

Katalog Stron on Uki #9
nice shot ,great ,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia Palikota on Uki #9
exellent image,great colours and tones,bravo

Sina Sohi on Uki #9
Nice portrait!

katalog firm on Uki #9
great shot,nice colours and details,beautiful modell

Marzia on Uki #9
love the dress!

Iknow on Uki #9

Curly on Uki #9
Yes, welcome back! I've missed your pretty portraiture Vincent.

Shahryar on Uki #9
beautiful portrait :)

E.B on Uki #9
Superbe portrait...!

Hiro on Uki #9
Long time no see ! Welcome back to aminus3 with a cute portrait !

Marie LC on Uki #9
Qu'elle est belle ! mais je te l'avais déjà dit.

Hamid.R on Uki #9

Mangesh on Uki #9
Excellent shot!

Iknow on Lake Nakuru #2
好经历,生机勃发的非洲!! 问好:)

Marie LC on Lake Nakuru #2
Où es-tu Vincent ? as-tu un autre site ? et si oui où ? Amicalement.

Teuvo Vehkalahti on Lake Nakuru #2
Very nice photo, I like very much. I'm looking for new readers Teuvo images to your blog visitors. Would you do ...

Marion on Lake Nakuru #2
beautiful capture and great colors and details!

Michael on Lake Nakuru #2
Absolutely stunning image.

Marie LC on Lake Nakuru #2
Magnifiques ces marabouts. Le lac Nakuru a beaucoup changé ces dernières années, en tout cas ...

Philip on Lake Nakuru #2
These Birds are such characters to watch great shot :)

Steve on Lake Nakuru #2
Very nice!

Hiro on Lake Nakuru #2
I like your photos of pretty ladies, but, to be honest, I like this series much more ! Bravo*****

Hiro on Lake Nakuru #1
Great capture ! Going wild !

Steve on Lake Nakuru #1
It looks like he is standing watch ofer the little ones! I love the background too. This must have been one interesting ...

Becky on Lake Nakuru #1
too wonderful! what kind of bird is this?

kombizz (kambiz) on Uki #5
nice one

Dexter on Yuanyang Rice Terraces #5
very nice! I love the colors.

jumax on Zang #7
Really nice! I like it.

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